Let’s Get Things Moving

Explore the urban landscape in fun shapes, strong looks and unshakeable confidence



Team Credits:

Photography by Sarai Mari
Styling by Karolina Brock
Hair by Peter Matteliano (at Bryan Bantry Agency)
Make-up by Caoilfhionn Gifford
Model: Amelia Rami (at Heroes)
Dancers: Austin James Diaz (at BOX Artist Management), Jessica Pinkett and Mayu Oguri
Photographer’s assistant: Danny Lim
Stylist’s assistants: Sandrine François, Madison Headlee and Jackiline Arredondo

Fashion Credits:

#1 Dress by Eckhaus Latta
#2 From top: Austin
 wears Blazer & Boots by Sagittaire A, T-shirt by Diesel,
 Trousers by Acne Studios;
wears Coat by Moon Choi, Vests by LRS, tights stylist’s own, Shoes by Calvin Luo; Amelia
 wears Coat by Sagittaire A, Vest by Gauntlett Cheng,
 stockings stylist’s own, Boots by Hardeman, Bag by Building Block; Jessica 
wears Body by Faith Connexion,
 Jeans by Mavi, Belt by Calvin Klein Jeans,
 Shoes by Laurence & Chico
#3 Mayu
 wears Jacket by Diesel, Dress by Gauntlett Cheng, tights stylist’s own, Shoes by Calvin Luo; Austin
 wears Hoodie by Helmut Lang,
 T-shirt & Boots by Diesel, Trousers by Acne Studios, Belt by Calvin Klein Jeans
#4 From top: Austin
 wears T-shirt by Sagittaire A, Jeans by Helmut Lang, Belt by Calvin Klein Jeans, Boots by Maison the Faux x Adult Antwerp; Jessica
 wears T-shirt by PH5,
 Shoes by Laurence & Chico, tights stylist’s own; Amelia 
wears dress by LRS, stockings stylist’s own, Shoes by Calvin Luo
#5 Mayu 
wears Body, Tights & Platform Shoes by Laurence & Chico; Jessica 
wears Body by Faith Connexion, tights and shoes stylist’s own
#6 Jacket by Faith Connexion, Bodysuit, Tights & Shoes by Laurence & Chico
#7 Jessica
 wears Body by Faith Connexion, tights stylist’s own, Boots by Diesel; Mayu
 wears Jacket by Faith Connexion, Body & Tights by Laurence & Chico
#8 Body by Vex Clothing, socks stylist’s own, Shoes by Laurence & Chico
#9 From left: Austin 
wears Sweater & Trousers by Acne Studios, T-shirt & Boots by Diesel, Belt by Calvin Klein Jeans; Mayu
 wears Vests by LRS, tights stylist’s own; Amelia 
wears Coat by Joseph, Top by MISBHV
#10 T-shirt by Sagittaire A,
 Jeans by Helmut Lang,
 Belt by Calvin Klein Jeans, Boots by Maison the Faux x Adult Antwerp
#11 Body by Faith Connexion, stockings stylist’s own