Let it Happen

While the sun is high, let it embrace your skin. Surround yourself with the warm scents of dust and sand in high-fashion Peru, bringing constant adventure to new places around the world



Team Credits:

Photography by Alexander Neumann

Styling by Angel Macias

Hair by Christian Zevallos

Make-up by Ximena de Romaña

Model: Sofia Fanego at Silent

Photographer’s assistant: Maria Paz

Production: Ricky Chaves

Special thanks to: La ciudadela del arquitecto Enrique Leguia, Pachacamac, Peru


Fashion Credits:

1. Jacket and trousers by Gahee Lim

2. Top by Mook Attakanwong, jeans by Acne

3. Shorts by Queenie Cao

4. Waistcoat by Nihl

5. Dress by Edun, trousers by Dries Van Noten

6. None

7. Jeans by Mook Attakanwong

8. Dress by Acne

9. Top by Acne