Les Femmes

Spanish artist Pedro Vian embodies a sound that touches the soul, that makes you quiver by the overflow and richness of feelings. In his latest release “Les Femmes”, Vian has created an touching ode to all the women out there. To celebrate his new release, Vian has compiled an exclusive playlist for The Forumist.

Hailing from Barcelona, Pedro Vian has become a well-known character in the music scene in recent years. Having played at some of the best clubs out there and released music on renowned labels such as Hivern Discs and his own imprint Modern Obscure Music, Vian has spread his unmistakable sound all over the world.

In his latest EP release on Spring Theory, Vian has paid a beautiful, yet melancholic homage to all the women out there. “Les Femmes” is filled with elegiac synth lines and primitive drum machines, and embodies the sounds of dancing alone late at night with your eyes closed, engulfed in the music.

Vian’s playlist for The Forumist showcases the full complexity and variety of his sounds, and is a celebration to the forces and beauty of nature – a touching ode to all things natural.

“I am always looking for calm to balance my moments of euphoria and excitement when I play my DJ sets. I live outside of the city surrounded by trees and I am lucky to be able to hear birds singing through my window. Spirituality is linked to peace of mind, to serenity and to tranquility. This is what the songs I selected transmit to me, they help me moving away from the anxiety one can breathe in the city, to approach my own self and disconnect my mind.”

Equally perfect listening for a long walk in the woods or a picnic in the park, the playlist provides an eclectic and deeply personal peek into the breathings of Vian’s musical heart. Perfect listening for the summer months.

Team credits:

Artist Pedro Vian
Words by Petter Bladlund

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