Learning to Fly

In the depths of our longing, we yearn to break free, to reach the vast ocean where waves crash and dreams soar. In this boundless expanse, we yearn to fly away into an imaginary world where all limitations dissolve, and endless possibilities unfold, painted with vibrant hues that breathe life and joy into our journey. Like the radiant zenith of summer, it is here that we find solace, where the very essence of our being takes flight and embraces the incomprehensible, adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors.

Team Credits:
Photography by Lucie Hugary at Le Crime
Fashion Styling by Giorgia Ferrari
Makeup by Loriane Leger
Model: Ageer at SILENT MODELS

Fashion Credits:
1) Dress by r.l.e. Corset by PENG TAI. Skirt by Solène Lescouët.
2) Turtleneck by RUS. Shirt by LOUISE MARCAUD. Corset by Zana Bayne. Skirt by Baserange. Tights, Stylist’s own. Sneakers by Melissa x ROMBAUT.
3) Body by DANAMÉ. Corset by Zana Bayne. Tights, Stylist’s own.
4) T-shirt by Baserange. Jeans by PENG TAI. Tights, Stylist’s own. Earclip by Sarah Madeleine Bru.
5) Vest & Shirt by Transe Paris. Pants by Vanina. Tyre Slide by YUME YUME.
6) Coat by FILIPEAUGUSTO. Top by RUOHAN. Tights, Stylist’s own. Earrings by HELENA THULIN.
7) Top by RUS. Dress by RÉSILLE – SUNDAY LIFE. Beige Pants by LOUISE MARCAUD. Watercolor Pattern Pants by Valentine Gauthier.
8) Top by Maison J.Simone. Tights, Stylist’s own.
Featured Image) Dress by marianna ladreyt. Tyre Slide by YUME YUME. Earring by Sara Madeleine Bru.