Kissey About Music, The Industry And Why NYC


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The Forum met the artist Kissey for a chat about music, the industry and why NYC.

Kissey is a Swedish artist making a unique mark in America. To be more specific, in the metropolis of New York City. As an artist who refuses to toe the line, she decided to go all in and found the music label KISSKISS together with her friends and colleagues DJ Bella Boo and Danna Takako.

– We have been working together for a couple of years and we tried to promote the new EP to different labels. We had a strong belief in what we were doing. Eventually we decided to put it out on our own label KISSKISS. And we haven’t regretted it once, Kissey says.

Kissey moved to NYC in a way to challenge herself. She describes it being more competitive but also more challenging and demanding, in a good way. She always needs to stay alert and also work hard on her weaknesses so she can become better. But the music and its message were what she put her focus on.
– My vision is to create honest music. I know what feeling I want to achieve and what it should feel like. Everything I do has to be authentic and real for me. For me, it is the most essential.

Kissey – ‘Hold Me’. Release: ‘Initiation – EP’

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The new ‘Initiation’ EP was released in May 2014. And she describes the working process has been more organic.

– My goal is to make good music for my five closest friends and make them want to dance. If my music makes them happy I have reached my goal.
The brand new dark artsy video for the track ‘Fuse’ is very intimate and sensual. Vice and other magazines have picked up on it, have you had only good responses from the tune and video?

Kissey – ‘Fuse’. Release: ‘Initiation – EP’

Kissey – ‘Dance the pain away’. Release: ‘Initiation – EP’

– I like to be honest with people. With this song I am very spot on and honest with my sexuality and honest with who I am. If a male rapper sang the same lyric nobody would even notice it.

It is well known that the music industry is dominated of male producers and artists, men head up the top positions and decide what we tune into on the radio.

– It’s not intentional, but it just so happens that I’m only working with women right at the moment. I have never had a problem with men, however! I produce some new and fresh female artists’ music and I also work together with my all-ladies label crew.

What is the key for success?
– I trust my knowledge in music and I trust myself in what I want to achieve musically. I don’t focus on any other things.

Initiation EP tracklist

1. Come Nightfall

2. Hold Me

3. Dance The Pain Away

4. Fuse

5. Love & Ecstasy


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Interview by Rebekka Aldén.