Kabuki queen

A classical Japanese dance-drama translated into a contemporary style to illustrate the endless variety of beauty in life. Let your imagination travel around the world to bring all the inspiration it takes to make that casual look turn into something unique and extra. Then make it happen and dance your self to the rhythm of the bright side of life.

Team Credits:
Photography by Sarah Alewtina Reimann
Styling by Arianna Cavallo
Makeup by Alice Gabbai
Hair by Aimie Benanan
Model: Koukla Lapidus @Premium_Models

Fashion Credits:
#1 Shirt by Natural. Jacket by Gerard Darel
#2 Shirt by Natural, Jacket by Oud Paris
#3 Shirt by Roseanna
#4 Shirt by MR Editions Brooch. Shorts by Alysi
#5 T-shirt – Stylist Own. Skirt by American Vintage. Hat by Fifi Cachnil
#6 Brooch by MR Editions. Shirt by Gerard Darel