Just One More Flower

The film is about destination addiction – the preoccupation with the idea that happiness is elsewhere. Our character gets trapped in a bubble in the pursuit of getting just one more flower as she believes this will bring her happiness. She passes herself in various situations whilst in the bubble that is associated with destination addiction – pinching her skin back in a mirror (if I lose weight I’ll be happy), skipping to the next song instead of enjoying the current one (the grass is always greener somewhere else), and pouring all the cereal out of the box in search of the special toy (if I have this shiny object I’ll be happy). At the end of the film she ends up where she started as if she is on a constant hamster wheel, and she doesn’t notice that something she once had morphed into a flower. The missed lesson here is to wait for your seeds to grow and enjoy the process – it’s not only about the end result. 


Written and Directed by Kit Pilosof
Assistant Director/1 st AD – Ally Soule
Director of Photography – Grant Cooper
Dancer/ talent – Vania Raquel
Set Design and Florals by Emma Muncaster
Movement and Choreography by Dasha Schwartz
Wardrobe Design by Ravenna Osgood
1 st AC – Moe Marino
Key Grip/Gaffer – Ibrahim Issa
Swing Grip – Max Medvediev
Edited by Oliver Whitfield Smith
Sound Design & Original Composition by Alex Gluch
Trumpet player – Matt Smith
Colorist – Yuri Cabrera
Behind the scenes by Brooklyn Gallagher
Voiceover by Jordan Pilosof
Graphics by Taylor Zuckerman
Fashion/ brand used: Ravenna Osgood