Je m’en fous

Living each day like there is no tomorrow, loving and playing it and yes it’s just as fun every day.

Team Credits:
Photography by Jolistudio
Styling by Sofia Giordano
Makeup by Amandine Costa Ruben Masolivier
Hair by Quentin LafforgueAgence Saint-Germain
Models: Calista Choley @women360paris + Farnoush Hamidian @metropolitan_mmanagement + Hanna Lhoumeau @metropolitan_mmanagement + Anis Ben Choug @elitemodelworld + Matteo Picard @ metropolitan_mmanagement + Yvan Gurung @elitemodelworld
Photo assistant: Sandro Volpe
Set designer: Lauriane Gouhier + Céline Leprine

Fashion Credits:
#1 Top Andrea Crews
Top The Unsissen, Jacket Vintage, Short Vintage, shoe’s Vintage
Shirt Victoria/Tomas, Short The Unissen, Shoes Vintage, Bag Y/PROJECT, Sunglasses Vintage
Shirt The Unissen
Top Vintage, Pants Vintage, Shoes Rombaut
Top vintage, Skirt Vince, Shoes Litkovskaya
Sunglasses vintage
Jacket & Skirt Matériel Tbilisi
Top Marine Henrion, Jewelry Nu atelier
Hat vintage
Top vintage, Skirt Vince, Shoes Litkovskaya