Into the Wild

There are moments that the forces of nature are the only missing link to completing the imaginary fairy tale of your thoughts accumulated by each plant and earth beneath your feet to flourish you with that mysterious and in the same pleasant and fulfilling energy that comes from all different kind of life forms surrounding you. Enjoy it and bring it back into your daily life, because you are born to be alive.

Team credits:
Photography by FAVORITE BLUES
Styling & hair & Makeup by YU CAI

Fashion credits:
1,3&4. Jacket and scarfs by Mukzin Official. Dress by Valentina Banfi. Earrings by TYPICAL ME. Shoes by ZARA.
2. Jacket by AZ43 Original Studio. Dress by Valentina Banfi. Earrings by HOL!DAY. Belt by Mixseven. Legging by Calzedonia. Knitted gloves and Shoes by ZARA.
5. Top by Arianna Ablondi Pedretti. Shoes, fishing trousers, and shoes stylist own.
6. Jacket by Sagi Dolls. Dress by Valentina Banfi. Earrings by TYPICAL ME. Belt by Zara.
Shoes by LA MODA