In the rapidly evolving landscape of interactive entertainment, the fusion of traditional art forms with virtual worlds is a burgeoning frontier. A prime example of this innovative intersection is the collaboration between 10 Chambers, the game studio behind the anticipated title “Den of Wolves,” and the visionary artist Issa Salliander. This partnership has resulted in a unique melding of gaming and fine art, pushing the boundaries of both mediums.

A few weeks ago, the exhibition titled, “Den of Wolves x Issa Salliander,” showcased Issa’s unique art pieces within the game. Held in an old church in Stockholm, the event added an extra layer of mystique and grandeur. The showcase featured dynamic installations, interactive displays, and a bridge between traditional and contemporary artistic expressions. A visual feast, it drew enthusiasts from both the art and gaming communities. 

The collaboration between 10 Chambers and Issa Salliander was born out of mutual admiration and a shared vision. 10 Chambers, known for its immersive and challenging games, sought to infuse “Den of Wolves” with artistic elements that would enhance the game’s atmosphere and player engagement. The idea of collaborating with artists outside the typical gaming space was appealing to the team, many of whom have backgrounds in diverse industries.

“We’ve always been interested in collaborating outside the typical space of gaming,” 10 Chambers CEO and Creative Director, Ulf Andersson explains. “This idea came out organically as we hung out together with Issa. We see ourselves as creators in different fields, and it all came out so naturally.”

Issa, drawn to the aesthetics of video games, found this opportunity intriguing. “It seemed natural and fresh to explore and see my medium translated into this fascinating and free world,” she reflects. “In traditional art, we’re often concerned with the roles of the viewer and the author of a work. The gaming world adds a third party, the user. This has in turn made a whole universe of new conceptual art theories/possibilities available for us to study. I think the art world will eventually follow suit and start placing more art in this environment.”

One of the key elements that made this collaboration successful was the creative freedom afforded to Issa. 10 Chambers emphasizes the importance of allowing artists to explore their vision without constraints. “When we work with talent—especially artists—we often give them as much creative freedom as possible to create something different from what we would create,” Ulf notes.

Issa echoes this sentiment, highlighting the seamless nature of their collaboration. “We understood each other with zero barriers. It’s exciting exploring the psychology of masks and what humans inherently are drawn to when real-life consequences are removed.”

The integration of Issa’s artwork into “Den of Wolves” significantly enhances the game’s atmosphere and immersion. Masks, a central theme in the game, are brought to life through Issa’s unique artistic style. “Different players will prefer different masks in the game, and it will be interesting to see which of them finds Issa’s masks most immersive for them while carrying out heists,” Ulf comments.

From Issa’s perspective, the virtual environment offers unparalleled opportunities for artists. “The industry is bigger and their reach incomparable. I’m honored to have been asked to cross over to the new popular culture and I’m hoping for symbiosis.”

This collaboration not only enriches the gaming experience but also sets a precedent for future partnerships between artists and game developers. 10 Chambers is optimistic about the potential of such collaborations to push the boundaries of both gaming and art. “Hopefully, when the game is released and you see it in action, it will prove that collaborations like this work well and bring more on board to collaborate outside of their silos,” Ulf says.

Issa, too, is excited about the future, expressing a desire to continue exploring the intersection of art and the virtual world. “I’ve had the time of my life, so let’s see where we take it from here. I’m very excited about the future.”

We can’t wait to see what comes next. 


Team Credits:
Words by Hannah Magnusson
Photography by John Scarisbrick
Styling by Sandra Ekenstam
Grooming Elvira Brandt
Special thanks to 10 Chambers & Part Projects

Fashion Credits:
5) Jacket by KHÉLA. Dress by Linda Dekhla. Pants by Tasha Goodhew. Shoes by Viròn x Collina Strada.
6) Issa wears a dress by ALECTRA ROTHSCHILD / MASCULINA. Neckless by PERLENSAU.
11) Top by EVADE HOUSE.