In your arms

Here is the secret, here is the trick; there is no blueprint for creating interestingness. A creative expression or even a person will attract attention because they are personal and distinctive, not because they follow a set of rules. Now imagine two people, who both individually mastered all of above, and put them together. The possibilities of what may come out of that is exactly what F E L I N is about.

Behind the project we find Elin Blom and Fredrik Etoall, together they are F E L I N. Elin is the songwriter and singer in this creative duo, and Fredrik is the photographer and video artist. You might recognise his work from collabs with Icona Pop, Tove Lo or Rolling Stones. Two words describing his work are rawness and elegance. Elin herself describes the music as “pop with strong influences from rock and history of punk”.



Not only will what you hear and see demand your attention. There is something compelling about this kind of togetherness. How these two people somehow lead the way into a new way of living, creating and expressing yourself as an artist. For them, one plus one equals three.

Nothing speaks louder than personal experience so take a look for yourself. This is their new single In Your Arms. “The song and video is about an addiction, a feeling or a person. How we chase this feeling to feel better in the moment”, Fredrik explains. It’s the kind of lust making us loose control again and again. Amazing and sweetly destructive all at once.
If you do get the chance to watch F E L I N perform live, go for it. Elin’s live performance will leave you reeling and wondering why other singers don’t put this much effort into carving out a stage persona that’s truly their own.

Here is the new video directed by Fredrik Etoall


Words by Anna Åhren

Video & images by Fredrik Etoall