Team Credits:

Photography by Emma Thoenes
Styling by Izabela Macoch
Hair & Make-up by Rabea Richwien
Model: Ilona Mamchur (at Iconic Management)

Fashion Credits:

#1 Dress by Laura Gerte, Tights by Falke, Heels by Marcell Von Berlin, Boots by Marcel Ostertag
#2 Pants by Marcel Ostertag, Lacktop by Myriam Hofmann, Tope & Blazer by Francesca Castellano
#3 Bandeau & Skirt by Dawid Tomaszewski, Vest by Judith Bondy, Socks by Falke, Shoes by Rani Bageria, Ring by Mies Nobis, Earrings by Milanova
#4 Catsuit by Myriam Hofmann, Kimono by Florian Mathé, Earrings by House of Danaë
#5 Overall by Atelier Michael Michalsky, Pony Bag by Judith Bondy, Necklace stylist’s own
#6 Overall by Marcell Von Berlin, Earrings stylist’s own, vintage jacket
#7 Overall by Atelier Michael Michalsky, Necklace stylist’s own
#8 Dress by ODEEH, Pants, Turtleneck & Mask by Lena Voutta
#9 Catsuit by Myriam Hofmann, Earrings by House of Danaë
#10 Overall by Marcell Von Berlin, Shoes by Dawid Tomaszewski, Earrings stylist’s own, vintage jacket