Illuminating Uniqueness

Within the tapestry of ‘Illuminating Uniqueness,’ realms beyond the tangible are discovered, channeling the essence of Aries’ untamed spirit, Pisces’ ethereal reverie, Scorpio’s enigmatic enigma, and Libra’s poised equilibrium. Just as constellations grace the night sky, casting their influence upon us, these ensembles and cosmetics illuminate the path to self-discovery. Much like stars shape the course of life and infuse it with hues, so do they color our personalities, reminding us that within the grand cosmic symphony, every brushstroke, every fabric, every sign, contributes to the intricate melody of existence.

Team Credits:
Photography & Editing by Annika Yanura
Creative Direction & Styling by Isabella Efimova
Set Design by Lillian Ceben
Hair and Makeup by Diana Maracuja & Kebron
Hair by Jillian Elora
Photography Assistant: Maxi Frey
Styling Assistant: Buse Koca
Models: Aries: Iris-Doreen Goetzke; Pisces & Scorpio: Zaniah Varnardo at ICONIC Management; Libra: Regina

Fashion Credits:
1) & 2) Dress by Collusion.
3) & 4) Blue Set by ASOS DESIGN. Jacket by Zara. Pearls, Vintage, Stylist’s own.
5) & 6) Top and Skirt by Collusion.
7) & 8) Skirt and Fake Fur by Topshop. Triangle Bra by ASOS DESIGN. Choker by Zara.