Hive Mind

After a period of solo projects and touring the world, The Internet are finally back – and that’s with a bang! Today (July 20th) the critically acclaimed band drops their much-anticipated album “Hive Mind”, which features the already widely played “Come On Over” and “Roll (Burbank Funk)”, and follows up The Internet’s Grammy-nominated “Ego Death” from 2015.

The Forumist has been given an exclusive preview of the album and can assure that fans won’t be disappointed. “Hive Mind” builds upon the band’s renewed feeling of unity and togetherness after getting back together, and stretches each of the member’s creative talents and chemistry beyond what we have seen from The Internet before. The album is an eclectic, kaleidoscopic mix of influences from neo-soul and future sounds that goes straight to the heart of the listener. It’s an album that touches our emotional strings and sends us on a journey of individual and collective exploration of feeling, sensing and thinking. We’re touched both by the depth and quality of the musical productions, and by the fundamental theme of the album: The sense of togetherness and unity.

Speaking about the album earlier this summer The Internet’s Syd (vocalist/songwriter) talked about the theme. “After making a few songs we realized that we really want to use this album to live by example and promote camaraderie amongst young black people.” Adding, “We realized that we’re the only band of our kind. And we want to really solidify ourselves as that, as the best.”

It’s fair to say that with “Hive Mind”, The Internet as done just that: Solidified themselves as one of the best, if not the best, in the business right now. But the album does much more than that. In today’s chaotic world “Hive Mind” stands out as a beacon of hope. One that inspires positive relationships and experiences between people, regardless of nationality, race and background, and promotes a sense of community and togetherness – a musical ode to all the things that bring us joy and passion in our human lives. “Hive Mind” will not only go down as one of the albums of the year, but also as one of most thought-provoking and touching musical messages in recent times.

Listen to the album now!

Team credits:

Artist The Internet
Words by Petter Bladlund

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