Let’s delve into the story behind ‘Hamidashimono.’ It unfolds a tale of resilience and hope for those feeling left out or facing difficulties. The empowering chorus encourages looking ahead to brighter days. Tears may bring sadness, but within you lies the strength to turn that emotion into power. Join us as we explore how every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and mistakes are stepping stones toward a happier journey. Let’s embrace and explore this inspiring journey together!

Team Credits:
Art Director: Takumi Kurisaki
Creative Director & Stylist: Keiichiro Hara
Photographer: Reina Kubota
Hair & Makeup: Masataka Gonda
Model: Kota Akita at Model Agency Friday

Fashion Credits:
2) Jacket by KENSHO ABE. Long Corduroy Sleeve T-shirt by Paul Smith. Frill Turtleneck Knit by Bernhard Willhelm. Pants Vintage from Grange used. Shoes by Our Legacy.
3) Knitted Jacket by Joseph. Sweater by Banana Republic. Shirt by Soph. Arm Cover by Perverze.
Pants: vintage. Shoes by Maison Margiela.
4) Knitted Vest by Sh.ke.em. Coat by Prada. Shirt by 113 Maison. Flare Pants & shoes: Vintage from Grange used.
5, 6 & 7) Vest by Andvoid × LAY. Knitted Sweater by Dior. Pleats Skirt by Issey Miyake. Pants: Vintage from Enam Select. Shoes by Y3.
8) Cotton Shirt by Comme des Garçon. Inner by Yasuyuki Ishii. Turtleneck by Y Project. Paracode Velt by Andvoid. Shoes by Flligiacometti.