German Lesson


Luvinsky Atche
Musician, composer, actor and theatre director
Atche comes from Bordeaux, France. He compares art to food and love, so more or less the essential things in life. He thinks how you wear a pair of jeans is more important than what you wear, and that having a unique style is key. A favourite quote of his is one from Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”

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Dani Brown
Born in New York, Brown works as an international freelance choreographer, performer and teacher. For her, fashion is entertainment, representation and fantasy. It’s a way to play with identity and expectations. At 21 she cross-dressed and went
to all the casting for men’s fashion week in Paris.
“I didn’t get booked, but it was fun. The pretty boys couldn’t keep their eyes off me.”

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Adina Bier
Curatorial director
Chicago-born Bier thinks it’s important to express herself through fashion. She describes it as being a link between her body and personality through putting pieces together to provide different options and opportunities. It’s a way of presenting herself, she says, and becoming the best she can be.

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Viviana Druga
Performance artist and photographer
Druga was born in Transylvania, Romania. Since moving to Berlin she has been investigating the personal and poetic side of performance and the new dimensions of reality, and she captures that reality using photography. She doesn’t believe in style. In her view every human is unique, but she thinks we are all very similar. “We all want to be loved and this is the most essential.”

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Florinn Bareth
A true multitasker, Bareth composes experimental music works using sound and video, and is also a project co-ordinator and concept consultant. Her personal style reflects the notion of reusing, but fashion is irrelevant to her art. She is inspired by coherence of the personality and style that comes from beyond temporary trends.

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Ettina Berrios Negron
Fashion designer
Having grown up in Berlin, Berrios Negron currently designs for her own label, Thone Negron. Art inspires both her mind and spirit but she doesn’t use fashion as an art form. Her goal is to dress women and make them look and feel good about themselves. She believes that fashion can be entertaining and a way to communicate with the world around us.

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Words by Rebekka Aldén.

Photographer Erika Svensson.

Special thanks to Anastasia Freygang.


Dani Brown, Adina Bier, Luvinsky Atche, Viviana Druga, Florinn Bareth, Ettina Berrios Negron.