Full Rainbow

Passing a long time in solitude creates a natural craving for living out and being seen in the crowds. We need colors back into our lives again to celebrate life and joy.

A new generation of creators is changing the industry towards a sustainable approach. These designers show their smarts in terms of sustainability by making treasures from found objects and creativity, a reminder that beauty is everywhere to be seen and there are no rules.

Yet colorful

Matilda Little, a painter by trade, now creates designs of an artist still grappling with the possibilities and challenges of their craft – a new discipline, a new order. 

– Working with metal requires a completely different way of thinking about things. I think the fact that I was suddenly working with a more limited palette really helped me to concentrate more on form, without having to worry about juggling colour. The abstract form comes to life as it is, yet colorful, says Matilda. 

Unbreakable creations 

The whole BONDY brand is mainly known for its colorful tulle dresses. They explore the intersection of fashion and art in creating wearable, modern couture – super bold, fun, edgy and dreamy.

– Each color in our collections is carefully curated depending on what we want to express and what feeling we want to convey. By mixing heavy hardware with delicate fabrics we can balance softness and stiffness – an interesting mix because one element supports the other contrasting element, and together they are unbreakable, says Judith Bondy, founder of Bondy. 

Perfectly faceted 

Exploring florals from a tech point of view gave Quinta Maso their inspiration for “La Contessa ”. Their creation is perfectly faceted and pixelated, forming a garden from afar – an open-source artwork seen through an irrelevant and joyful lens. 

– Color is everything. Color has an immense power to influence people’s feelings, and when used in an accessory it has the capacity to boost not only a look but a mood, says Paula Maso, founder of Quinta Maso. 

A sensual and sexual relationship

“wet-look” orchid earrings – upcycled and predominantly pre-owned artificial flowers. Josefine Neumann, the founder of MILCHSHAKE, creates something that isn’t really obvious what it is made of. 

– The natural, artificial body and nature are something I have in mind when designing the orchid earrings. All of my pieces are unique, sometimes I find one or two out of the same flower and color on my treasure hunt, I could even end up designing in the actual second-hand store, says Josefine. 

Looking back, respecting the old

Avidue’s design is for everyone and anyone in the urban landscape in which we live. Straight lines and angles, cracks and decay created by time – the two-sidedness of the urban environment. 

– I think being raised in the city you learn to both love and hate it, hence the fascination with its two-sidedness. I’ve always dreamt about new places, and I’ve been affected by my surroundings. The collection is a result of playing with angels, creating something interesting but still balanced, like exploring new territories in your city.

Worry, Peace, Protection

Lady P creates handmade accessories from beach or riverside foraged ‘HagStones’ (rocks with natural holes made by the ebb and flow of water), which, according to folklore, have healing magic, and prevent nightmares and protect the wearer, especially in times of crisis.

– There is something with mantras around our necks and bold statements. And this one comes with a secret.

 Influenced by spoons. 

Joanne.T’s collection “Little Objects: Silverware” is a collection of earrings inspired by tableware, visually influenced by actual spoons during the covid lockdown – truly sleek and too irresistible not to talk about. 

–  This collection aims to explore and rediscover the value, aesthetic essence, and sensibility of objects that are common in our daily life. I want my jewelry to stimulate conversations as well as a form of self-expression. Not just an object of decoration

A sourcing trajectory

Sourced vintage pieces by high-end luxury brands, in a new touch, exclusively made for you, something to marinate for a while. Paris re Made is handpicking it!

– The sourcing trajectory is a challenge as well as a delightful treasure hunt. By refreshing and re-tailoring these pieces we turn them into new classics, still maintaining the origin. We teach you to re-love unappreciated clothes, to re-wear them.

Challenging the laws of physic

Clara Fina’s earrings in clay and silk really draw attention. They are colorful, huge but also super lightweight – maybe one-day becoming “classics” as she says herself. 

– As I work parallelly with Silk and clay, I realize that these materials share more characteristics than what I initially knew. With the light material, I was able to make sculptural pieces with a textile feel that seem to challenge the laws of physics – you can wear them for a long time without your ears falling off!

Team Credits:
Words by Mark Bergkvist
Photography by Nils Löfholm
Styling by Ken Mogekwu
Hair & Make-up by Amanda Dahl
Manicure by Amanda Dahl
Model/talent: Océane, Kaila

Fashion Credits:
1) Sweater by A.O.A ATELIER, necklace by Matilda Little, ring by Matilda Little
2) Bag by Bondy
3) Headpiece by Freja Wesik
4) Scarf by Quinta Maso, earrings by Pantolin, blazer by Oliver Oppermann
5) Earrings by MILCHSHAKE, top by Anna Loesel
6) Scarf by Quinta Maso, ring by Avidue, beret by T Mitrovska
7) Ring by Matilda Little
8) Scarf by Quinta Maso
9) Earrings by Lady P, necklace by Lady P, top by Sirloin
10) Earring by JOANNE T, ear cuff by JOANNE T
11) Earring by KISKA LAB, bolo tie by KISKA LAB, waistcoat by Bondy
12) Earring by MILCHSHAKE , top by Anna Loesel
13) Cap by Paris Re Made, top by Bondy
14) All jewelry by JOANNE T
15) Earring by MILCHSHAKE
16) Earring by Clara Fina, dress by Naomi Tarazi