Forumist Sessions: Kaleida – G19 Mixtape


A genre crossing and intimate mixtape from this Anglo-German electronic duo. Their recent cover of the anti-war protest song ’99 Luftballons’ is featured on the original motion picture soundtrack of “Atomic Blonde”.

“Our exploitation of the environment and our disconnect with nature are issues we feel very strongly about. The track House of Pulp is about our inability to face up to what’s happening to the environment, and the coming losses and suffering we’ll experience as a result of climate change and population growth. It’s bearing witness to the fact that we don’t take care of the ecosystems that sustain us. We build houses of pulp from cheap unsustainable materials, in a throw-a-way culture addicted to plastic, while the world continues down a path of warming temperatures and feedback loops.” – Kaleida

One part of the duo, Christina Wood, has worked as a consultant on sourcing forest commodities like palm oil and timber sustainably for 10 years, so she’s very aware of deforestation rates and their climate, biodiversity and water impacts. The tracks on the G19 mixtape all speak to the challenge of meeting our planetary limits.








Anohni – 4 degrees
MIA – Borders
Puma Rosa – Honey
Kenji Kawai – Uta II Ghost City (Ghost in the Shell Original Soundtrack 1995)
Heart – Mother Earth Blues
Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
Lakota Traditions – Song for Mother Earth
Europa Europa and The Knife – För alla namn vi inte får använda
Bjork featuring Thom Yorke – Nattura
Meredith Monk – Atlas: Part 3 – Invisible Light – Earth Seen From above


Kaleida’s new album ‘Tear The Roots’ is out September 15th on Lex Records
Photography: Lisa Rovner