Plunge into a world where the realms of dance and fashion intertwine, igniting a symphony of self-expression. Through graceful fluidity, we pay homage to the exquisite artistry of individuality unrestricted by societal norms. The harmonious synergy between movement and style weaves an intricate tapestry of liberation.

Team Credits:
Photography by Morgan Norman at Agent Rockson
Styling by Mario Montti at LUNDLUND
Hair & Makeup by Petra Stenhammar at Agent Bauer
Photographer’s Assistant: Malva Hellman
Model: Fredrik Quinones at ICONIC STHLM

Fashion Credits:
1) & 7) Mist Earring by Maria Nilsdotter. Pearl Necklace Black Onyx by Charlotte Vasberg. Long Pearl Necklace, Vintage. Kimono by Martin Bergström.
2) Dress by H&M.
3) Kimono by Haider Ackermann, Vintage.
4) Jacket and Pants by Sthlm Mics. Shirt by ETON. Earring Princess Stud by Charlotte Vasberg. Sombrero, Vintage.
6) Dress by H&M Studio. Pants by Emilia Marklund.
8) Dress by CHIMI. Shoes by Vagabond.
9) Bolero by Sthlm Misc. Chaps by Emilia Marklund. Body by Chantelle.
10) Suit by ADNYM ATELIER. Dress by H&M x Kenzo. Shoes by Vagabond.
11) Glows by Alice Gruvander Swedish School of Textiles.
Featured Image) Hat by Robin Pauline. Denim Pants and Shirt by Jeanerica.