In a modern society of repetition and regulation, the world of the free and flamboyant exists to blend the lines between art and fashion – challenging the expectation of confinement. Explore the contrast of androgyny and femininity, color and design, and experience the celebration of self-expression, exuberance, and extravagance that has been lost in a world of modesty.

Team Credits: 

Photography: Eléonore Wismes @lt2agency
Styling:  Coline Peyrot
Hair: Stéphane Bodin @b_agency
Makeup: Meyloo
Casting: Manon Sassy
Model: Emanuela @newmadisonmodels

Fashion Credits:
1& 9) Coat by Fendi. Dress by Onirica
2& 3) Jacket, Trousers, and Shoes by Kenzo. Shirt by Materiel Tbilisi
4) Top & Trousers by Materiel Tbilisi
5, 6& 9) Top & Skirt by Zimmermann. Boots by Fendi
8) Veste by Materiel Tbilisi. Robe by Victoria/Tomas 
10) Top by Materiel Tbilisi. Trousers by Dries Van Noten
11& 12) Dress by Nina Ricci
13) Dress & Trousers by Pucci. Shoes by Bobbies