Embark on a captivating journey, where timeless imagery merges seamlessly with future elegance through the art of hairstyling. Explore the diversity of sleek, polished strands radiating sophistication to the untamed beauty of waves embracing natural grace, contrasted with the simplicity of accessories. Delve into a boundless spectrum of self-expression serving as a testament to showcase one’s unique individuality.

Team Credits:

Art direction by Frauke Joana and Evin Yeyrek
Photography by Frauke Joana @fraukejoana
Hair and makeup by Evin Yeyrek @evinmuaberlin
Hair and makeup assistance Leo Stern @byleostern
Styling by Sina Anjulie @sina.anjulie
Photo assistant Pheline Açil @phelineacil
Talent 1 Nastya @n.osadchayaa with @vivamodelsberlin
Talent 2 Lyn @kiiriini with
Talent 3 Prudence @shadysnack
Talent 4 Lillebritt Hopp @lillebritttabea with @vivamodelsberlin

Beauty Credits:

Hair: La Biosthetique Paris
Makeup: Pat McGrath Labs, Dior Beauty
Special thanks to Hatice Schmidt Labs

Fashion Credits:

1) Earrings by Meticulousmess
2) Hat by Maja Silfwergård
4) Earcuff by Carolin Dieler
5) Blouse by Yeram Kim
6) Scarf by Iva Barić-Hoes
7) Headpiece by Maja Silfwergård
9) Necklace by Carolin Dieler
10) Bracelet by Carolin Dieler