Feel the Power

Dolores Haze is the most unapologetically self-confident band to appear on the Swedish music scene in a long time, and it’s more refreshing than ever to have them around


I vividly remember the first time I came into contact with Dolores Haze. It was at a “battle of the bands”, four or five years ago, in a desolate Stockholm suburb called Farsta. As so often with this kind of event, the line-up consisted of dull and laughable live acts, except for one band. This group oozed attitude and self-confidence. Despite their young age, they acted as if they had already conquered the universe a thousand times over. With a “I couldn’t care less” look in their eyes while they ripped their songs to pieces, it was clear they were destined to go so much further than playing in front of a handful of people in Farsta Centrum. This band was, of course, Dolores Haze and my premonition came true.



Since then, Dolores Haze has exploded not only onto the music scene but also into the fashion world. When it was revealed in that competition four or five years ago that the band had gone through to the next step, its vocalist and bass player Groovy Nickz made a statement I’ve never forgotten: “Thank you, Coachella!” Guitarist Groovy Fuck remembers the early days of the band and says it almost brings tears to her eyes when she thinks back to that period. “A year ago, it felt embarrassing to think about it, but now it just feels nice that something that might seem petty now was so big for us then. We felt super-cool. We thought we were world stars, no matter how small the stage was. If we hadn’t had that attitude, I don’t think we would have kept on going and reached where we are today. Success has always been a driving force for us.” And what about “Thank you, Coachella!”? Was that proclamation preplanned or spontaneous? “I might have told Groovy Nickz to say that, because I didn’t dare to do it myself.” That statement and Dolores Haze themselves are iconic to me, but how do they define an icon? “An icon for us is a person who has made a mark on your childhood and who has inspired you incredibly for a long time. We all think Avril Lavigne is an icon. Music and fashion are sort of the same, so the definition of an icon doesn’t differ between the art forms.”


Dolores Haze is a band that is easily connected to fashion. They have fronted numerous fashion campaigns, among them the Dr Martens tour Stand For Something. The campaign was meant to support and celebrate people who see the shoes as a medium for self-expression and it resulted in Dolores Haze releasing an EP. Music and fashion is, as we all know, a match made in heaven and the match between Dolores Haze and punk-rock fashion is an even better one. The band’s intense attitude and perspective on fashion being an art form is invaluable in today’s world, where more and more brands are using popular music acts to raise their credibility and show the kids that they are all right. Brands using bands is efficient – and fascinating to me – since each helps the other while the two cultural movements are combined in a new art piece.



Dolores Haze has a few things they look for in such a relationship, says Groovy Fuck. “The co-operation has to feel natural and we have to be able to stand for the brand. And it has to feel fun!” What is crucial is a respect and love for fashion, as well as an understanding of its bond with music. This is something Dolores Haze does possess. “We like that music is an art form that fits well when mixed it with other forms – poetry, art, film. Fashion is very good for enhancing and clarifying messages and emotions in music. Stage outfits and clothes in videos or press photos need to be thought through and there is room for artistic creativity. The musicians’ clothes do a lot for their concept, the big picture and the image.”


In 2015, the band proved that the Haze is forever, releasing a full-length album that echoed far and wide and will continue to do so for a long time. Because of their charmingly cocky belief in their own greatness, much attention has been brought to Groovy Nickz, Groovy Fuck (who once convinced a reporter that “Fuck” was the name given to her at birth), guitarist Lucky Lollo and drummer Foxy Sagz. When asked if she thinks the attention given to the band members as people has been greater than that given to their music, Groovy Fuck replies: “Maybe sometimes. Especially when people who don’t like us are focusing more on us as individuals than on our music, because we are like we are and not like we should be or because we talk too loud and too much.” Together, as a band, Dolores Haze is stronger than ever. “On stage or together, you are a part of something. You are your stage name and you are a part of Dolores Haze. When you’re alone, you feel more like a private person.”



Dolores Haze are now the darlings of multiple music and fashion magazines, with their neo-punk music and DIY glamorous aesthetic. In the images, they still have that same look in their eyes that I saw on stage a few years ago. What I loved about them then was that they weren’t afraid to believe in themselves and show the world their hubris. I ask how what they think of the experience of hubris in our society today. “I can’t answer that, but it is tiresome that men’s hubris is still more accepted than women’s. We love people, especially young girls, who dare to take space and do what they love doing, and if hubris is needed to do that, then why not? Without hubris, we wouldn’t be here talking about ourselves in a magazine.”


I ask what someone who has listened to Dolores Haze’s records might have missed if they haven’t witnessed one of the band’s live shows. “All fans of Dolores should come to our gigs. Otherwise you will miss everything! Our songs become a completely different experience when they are played live. Plus, you will miss Nicki’s iconic outfits.”     




Team credits:

Special thanks to Dr Martens
Dr Martens Store, Katarina Bangatan 15, Stockholm

Words by Filip Lindström

Photography by Cornelia Wahlberg

Styling by Adam Pettersson  

Hair:  Sherin @Adamsky

Make up: Elva Albin 


Fashion credits:

Shoes from Dr Martens

1. Foxy Sags in SINCLAIR

2. Lucky Lollo in PASCAL STUD

3. Foxy Sags  in PASCAL STUD

4. Foxy Sags in PASCAL STUD. Groovy Fuck  in SINCLAIR

5. Lucky Lollo in Adrian Cherry Red

Fashion credits.

1.Groovy Fuck is wearing turtleneck from Humana Second Hand, blazer from Calvin Klein, trousers from Acne StudiosFoxy Sagz is wearing  bikini from Ganni, suede tights from Johannes Adele, belt from Back, with SINCLAIR boots from Dr. MartensGroovy Nickz is wearing  bathing suit from Ganni, tights from Woolford and sunglasses from Marc JacobsLucky Lollo is wearing  jacket from Cheap Monday, gloves and tights (stylists own) and necklace (Groovy Nickz’s private)

2. Foxy Sagz is wearing shirt from Back, sweater from Acne Studios and tights from Blue FoxGroovy Nickz is wearing blouse from Humana Second Hand, skirt from Back and tights from Blue FoxGroovy Fuck is wearing blazer and skirt from Acne StudiosLucky Lollo is wearing blouse from Back, skirt from Acne Studios and belt (stylists own)

3. Lucky Lollo in PASCAL STUD boots from Dr. Martens, wearing blazer from Humana Second Hand, belt and skirt from Back, tights from Woolford, turtleneck from Totême, gloves (stylists own) and necklace (Groovy Nickz’s private). Groovy Nickz is wearing vintage Gianni Versace shirt, gloves from Beyond Retro, tights from Woolford and necklace (Groovy Nickz’s private) 

4. Foxy Sags in PASCAL STUD boots from Dr. Martens wearing blouse from Humana Second Hand, skirt from Stand and tights and gloves (stylists own).

5. Groovy Fuck in SINCLAIR boots from Dr. Martens wearing coat from Acne Studios and stockings from BackFoxy Sags in PASCAL STUD boots from Dr. Martens wearing bikini from Filippa K, belt and skirt from Back and stockings from Blue Fox

6. Lucky Lollo in ADRIAN CHERRY RED loafers from Dr. Martens wearing blouse from Acne Studios, belt from Back, skirt from Humana Second Hand, tights from Blue Fox and gloves from Beyond Retro

7. Groovy Nickz in bathing suit from Ganni, tights from Woolford, jacket from Acne Studios, gloves and belt (stylists own) and sunglasses from Max Co

8. Groovy Fuck is wearing turtleneck from Humana Second Hand, blazer from Calvin Klein, trousers from Acne StudiosFoxy Sagz is wearing  bikini from Ganni, suede tights from Johannes Adele, belt from BackGroovy Nickz is wearing  bathing suit from Ganni, tights from Woolford and sunglasses from Marc JacobsLucky Lollo is wearing  jacket from Cheap Monday, gloves and tights (stylists own) and necklace (Groovy Nickz’s private)