Feel the Noise

Hanna Järver is part of the new generation of up-and-coming artists creating a new wave sound in Stockholm today. Her debut EP, Smutsen (Dirt), came about after spending time in a Hungarian wine cellar and embracing inspirations such as the sound of her own bones cracking. Anekdoter, her follow-up single to Ingenting Skrivet and Samma Gamla Himmel, is out next month, so we searched her out to discuss style and the city’s rhythms



What’s it like being a young artist in Stockholm — is it a place that inspires you?
“It’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented and creative friends. It seems like there’s a music studio in every basement here. I also like living in a big city because it contains more different kinds of people.”

The video for your single Samma Gamla Himmel has a mysterious Swedish forest in the background. Are you very attached to nature?
“I spent my childhood summers at a farm with my family. It was always the best time of the year. But I wouldn’t like to live in the countryside, because I would feel too isolated and restless. My life isn’t divided into weekdays and weekends, it’s almost like every day is both Saturday and Monday. That fits well with living in a big city, where there is always something happening somewhere.”



Do any of the sounds of Stockholm inspire you?
“The first thing that comes to me is the metro line — the monotonous voice on the train, all the people talking on their phones, the signal when the doors closes and the train starts rolling. It’s where I come up with a lot of ideas for new songs.”

You’re known for wearing comfortable hoodies, sweatshirts and denim. Would you describe your aesthetic as normcore? What is the recipe for a hipster-ish Stockholmer’s style?
“During my teenage years I tried out many different styles and cared a lot about my looks. I think my style now is a reaction to that. I want to have a more natural look and be able to just get up in the morning, put something on and leave.
Fashion to me is about being comfortable. It’s important that my clothes represent my personality. I like scruffy jeans and hoodies and I mostly buy clothes at vintage stores because I don’t like it when they look all new and ‘shiny’. My tattoos are a big part of my style — something that is 100% me. I guess there is no recipe if you are a true hipster!”



Do you remember your first favourite pair of jeans? What were they like?
“They were probably a pair in typical 1990s style. I’m wearing really nice jeans in a lot of pictures taken when I was about five years old. I want to have them now! My dream jeans would have a high waist and straight legs and be black or light blue.”



You write, sing, produce and even direct your videos. What creative outlet would you like to try next?
“Photography is really hard, but it’s something I’d like to get better at. I also like letters, so maybe I should try out graphic design.”

What’s your favourite way of spending long, dark autumn evenings?
“Probably in the studio. I also enjoy going to yoga classes and hanging out at the climbing centre, practising bouldering.”





Hair and Make-up: Lillis Hemmingsson

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