An amazing vision from Mosco made us think about the possible references. The one and only Erwin Blumenfeld and as he would say: And so I became when there was really nothing left for me to do, a photographer. Everyone told me not to do it. Failed painters became window-dressers, failed window-dressers became photographers.

Team credits:
Photography by Igor Iden
Styling by Yana Link
Make-Up by Daria Morkadii
Hair by Valeria Vladykina
Model Maria S at Avant Models
Set Designer Elena Delavyr
Style Assistant Maria
Hair Assistant Anastasia Goodwin
Set Assistant Alina Strebunova

Fashion credits:
#1&10 Top Ekaterina Frolova, Skirt Electro Vintage, Shoes Pure Passion, Earrings Tydyshch, Necklace & rings Voski Moscow.
#2& 9 Jumper Love Club Apparel, Earrings Tydyshch, Rings & bag Voski Moscow
#3& 5 &6 &11 Bra & skirt Extravaganza, Shoes Pure Passion, Necklace, ring & earrings Voski Moscow
#4&c12 Jacket Love Club Apparel, Body Electro Vintage, Shoes Pure Passion, Glasses Extravaganza, Accessories Tydyshch & Voski Moscow.
#7& 8 Top Electro Vintage, Shirt, pants & bag Love Club Apparel, Shoes Pure Passion, Glasses Arte, Earrings Tydyshch.