Fairy Tech

Let’s delve into the mysterious world of fairy tales – a journey beyond mere physical movement, transcending into realms of imagination and possibility. Join us in celebrating the indomitable human spirit, forever aspiring to new heights and embracing the ethereal beauty of flying free. Welcome to the realm of a world, where dreams take flight and the possibilities are endless.

Team Credits:
Photography by Lucie Hugary at Le Crime
Styling by Maria Vinagre
Makeup by Rika Bitton
Hair by Fanny Fraslin
Model: Leo De Saint Ceran @ Girl mgmt

Fashion Credits:
1) Shirt & vest by ICECREAM. Hat by BIMBA Y LOLA. Trousers by À LA CARTE PARIS. Sunglasses OAKLEY. Socks by UNIQLO. Sneakers by ASICS.
2&7) Shirt by JULIA HUER. Dress & collar by ETIENNE JEANSON. Sunglasses by OAKLEY.
3) Shirt & vest by ADIDAS Y-3. Trousers by JULIA HUER. Socks by UNIQLO. Sneakers by ASICS.
4) Dress by JULIA HUER. Blouse by ADIDAS Y-3. Bag by SIMOND. Sneakers by ASICS.
5) Sweater by ÉTUDES. Skirt by JULIA HUER. Balaciava by TINY COTTON. Bottles by HYDRO FLASK.
6) Top by JULIA HUER. Jacket & shorts by THE NORTH FACE.
8) Top & shorts by JULIA HUER. Vest by ICEBREAKER. Harness by SIMOND.
9&10) Dress by JULIA HUER. Vest by THE NORTH FACE. Hat by AIGLE. Socks by UNIQLO. Sneakers by THE NORTH FACE.