Estelle Rancurel

Parisian women have a certain way of creating their own unique clothing style. How only a handful of stylish clothes can seemlessly meet our needs. The real allure of Frenchness is its simplicity. Minimal, elegant and simple… yet with a great attention to detail.

In our latest fashion story by photographer Estelle Rancurel words like “effortless” and “undone” come to mind. Reminding us not to seek out what other people think we should wear, or do…








Photography by Estelle Rancurel

Styling by Mathilde Regnault

Make up by Céline Exbrayat represented by Call My Agent

Girl: Louise

Fashion credits:

1. Top by Afterhomework(paris), shirt by Dévastée

2. Dress by Afterhomework (paris), basket vintage by Nike, socks by American Apparel

3. T-shirt 0044 vintage

4. Top by Afterhomework (paris) , Shirt by Dévastée 5. Dress by Afterhomework (paris)

6. Pants by Ignacia Zordan, T-shirt by The Mountain

7. Coat by Afterhomework (paris), top by American Apparel , shirt by Dévastée, tights by Wolford, boots by Margiela

8. T-shirt 0044, skirt by Afterhomework (paris), socks by American Apparel, boots vintage