Electric Dreams

Find yourself in another dimension, where you can be whatever you want to be, where you are yourself.

Team Credits:
Photographer: Jeremy Josselin
Creative Director: Ximena Medroa
Stylist: Arianna Cavallo
Make up artist: Eva Louis
Hair Stylist: Alan Antoine
Photographer’s assistant: Nicolas Darde
Model: Anna Lisa @ Mademoiselle
Production: Lmadam Production

Fashion Credits:
2) One-piece jumpsuit by Claude Montana from Byronesque, re-issued 2019 top by Sanda Simona, blazer by Dries van Noten, socks by Miu Miu, and shoes by Rombaut
3) Blazer by Materiel, earrings by Panconesi, trousers by Roberto Cavalli early 2000s from Aesane
4) Top by Rory William Docherty, trousers by Anna Galaganenko, headband by Oberkampf, belt by Molism
5) Top by Issey Miyake, tights by Comme des Garçons psychedelic from ss2001, 20 age archive, shoes by Dries van Noten
6) Top and trousers by Anne Isabella, blazer (worn around neck) by MM6 maison Margiela, earring (on left ear) by Panconesi, earring (on right ear) by In Gold We Trust
7) Bodysuit by Alaia fw1991 from Aesane, earring (on left ear) by Molism, earrings vintage.
8) Knit by Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2019, 20 age archive, bodysuit by Alaia fw1991 from Aesane, trousers by Uma Wang, earrings by Sister Morphine, socks by Miu Miu, shoes by Acne Studios
9) Sunglasses vintage, dress by Umlaut, top by After Work Studio
10) Skirt (worn as top) fw1998 from Byronesque, skirt and shoes by Miu Miu, trousers by Minuit, bracelet (worn on the arm) vintage.