Since The Forumist magazine will be available in selected stores in Paris shortly and the fashion week is approaching, we directed our radar on what makes this city the fashion capital of the world besides the established and up-and-coming designers showing their talents on the catwalks. We asked our talented Paris editor Joana Mahafaly for advice. This story is inspired by the Parisian street merchandiser and the way they bring color and inspiration into the daily urban style and one of many ingredients that make this city the most unique place in the world.

Team Credits:
Photography by Kevin Jordan O’Shea
Stylist & Art Direction: Joana Mahafaly 
Hair and makeup by Yoriko Fujita
Model: Kwabena Essien 

Fashion Credits:
#1 Coat Songzio. Sweater by Valette studio 
#2 Coat Moon Young Hee. Shirt and trousers Filipe Augusto. Sunglasses Alphonse Maître Pierre. Shoes maison kitsune. Pocket Botter.
Accessories from the left to the right:
Shoes Le Mémoire. Blue bags braided straps Marianna Ladreyt: Small triangle bag Talel Paris. Blue Pink gradient Bag Victoria / Tomas. Pink bag D’Heygere. Blue bucket bag Rochas.
#3 Knitwear Samsoe Samsoe. Coat Maison Kitsune. Trouser Moon young hee. Shoes Jacques Soloviere. Hat Anthony Peto. Carry Case Air Afrique. Eiffel Tower Stylist’s own.
Bags from the left to the right :>
Black polish bag Uma Wang. Black handbag Talel. Green Fluo bag  Alphonse Maître Pierre. Carry cases Air Afrique. Black handbag Talel.
#4 Suit and knitwear Sandro. Cowry shell headpiece Caelon. Beret Anthony Peto. Baguette’s Scarf Maison Kitsune. Basket Stylist own.
#5 Coat Kentle Gentleman. Hat Anthony Peto. Eiffel Tower Stylist’s own.
#6&10 Suit Highlight Studio. Turtleneck Valette Studio. Sunglasses 1309SR. Bag Sandro 
In the Bag from the left to the right:
Blue hat Anthony Peto. Twill hat Kenzo. Hats on Nicholas’s head from bottom: Auburn hat Anthony Peto, Red hat Kolor, Red, pink, and auburn hat Anthony Peto. Hats on Nicholas‘s hand from bottom: Checked bob Anthony Peto. Blue hat Anthony Peto. Blue cap CP Company. Checked hat Anthony Peto. Green hat Anthony Peto. Turquoise bob CP Company. Top twill hat Kenzo. In Sandro bag: Checked bob Eram. Grey cap CP Company. Shoes Maison Kitsuné.
#7 Suit and sunglasses Alphonse Maître Pierre. Hat Mackage. Sunglasses from the top to the bottom: (First hanger)Hair-wear By Miha. Lacoste. Baleen, Baleen. Zimmerman. Victoria Beckham. Lanvin. Baleen. Alphonse maître pierre. (Second hanger)1309SR. Baleen. Salvatore Ferragamo. Zimmerman. Zimmerman. Salvatore Ferragamo. Alphonse Maître pierre. 1309SR. Zimmerman. (Third hanger) Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein. Lacoste. 1309SR. Lanvin. Zimmerman. Lacoste. Victoria Beckham. Lanvin. Lanvin.
#8 Whole look Maison Kitsune. Shoes Kenzo. Green Hand Bag Balabooste. Black hand bag Talel. In the checkered pattern bag: Red hat Kolor. Auburn hat Anthony Peto.
#9&13 Shirt Egon Lab. Long Short Moon Young Hee. Hat Anthony Peto. Fringe scarf Les Inconnus. Belt D’heyghere. Socks Stylist own. Shoes Maison Kitsuné
Left part: Basket bag Deff. Big grey and white polish bag Uma Wang. Auburn handbag Caire. Basket red bag Samsoe Samsoe. Triangle hand bag Talel Paris. Grey bag Uma wang. Nicholas wearing pockets from Botter
Right part: Twill scarf Highlight Studio. Blue leather scarf Natan. Padded scarf Mackage 
#11 Jacket Scotch & Soda. Trouser Kolor. Durag Fichu Paris. Shoes Kenzo
From the left to the right: (On the left hanger) Purple scarf shiny fringe Les Inconnus. Navy, purple, auburn, yellow durag Fichu Paris. 
On the middle hanger: Sunglasses; 1309SR , Baileen, Zimmerman , Baileen. Wool cap Amrose. Gloves scotch & soda. (On the right hanger) Black belt Natan, Red strap Victoria/ Tomas. White belt Natan. Green strap Victoria/ Tomas. Triangle orange fluo pocket Talel.
#12 Whole look Kenzo. Bob Maison Kitsune
Jewelry on the left part, From the left to the right: Necklace Aurei. Chain Necklace Julia Bartch. Bracelets Aurei. Necklace Aurei.
All earrings on the right part from Aurei. Eiffel Towers Own Stylist.
#13 Shirt Egon Lab: Hat Anthony Peto. Fringe scarf Les Inconnus.