Dream and a day

Let’s immerse ourselves in the serenity of a day in Kotona’s life, immortalized by the quintessence of culture and heritage. The beauty of simplicity and minimalism is captured, where true magic resides. Witness photography at its zenith, where the connection between subject and lens reigns supreme, crafting everlasting beauty in a seamless blend of dreams and reality.

Team Credits:

Photography by Motohiko Hasui
Styling by Yosuke Shoji
Hair and makeup by Misato Awaji
Model/talent : Kotona Minami

Fashion Credits:

1) Coat by COMME des GARÇONS (2012A/W), inner coat, and bracelet by SOSHIOTSUKI.
2&3) Dress, pants, and bag by YOHEI OHNO, gloves, stylist’s own.
4&5) Shirt by Soduk, knit top by PERVERZE, skirt by YOHEI OHNO, socks and shoes, stylist’s own.
6&7) T-shirt by Used, long sleeve T-shirt and pants by YOHEI OHNO, choker by PERVERZE, ring by HIDAKA, shoes, stylist’s own.
8&9) Shirtdress by Soduk, damaged denim jacket by M THING, bracelet, stylist’s own.
10) Dress by YOHEI OHNO, hoodie by BALMUNG, ring by HIDAKA.
11) Knit vest and pants by Soduk, mesh tops by YOHEI OHNO, scarf by Né-net, ring by HIDAKA.