Denim Dimensions

Beckmans Fashion Collaboration 2023

In time for the upcoming season, 13 fashion students at Beckmans College of Design have created their unique denim collections for – and inspired by – six Swedish Fashion Brands: Busnel, Flattered, Ida Sjöstedt, Lazoschmidl, Rave Review, and Stutterheim.

The fashion show presented the graduating student’s collections, live music performances by Kimchii & Ros, interviews with talents and partners behind these collections, behind the scenes, and more.

Fashion show behind-the-scenes

Starting from new inventive iterations of the jeans we all wear and love and proceeding in radically expanding the denim vocabulary, these individual collections translate the style, humor, sensuality, attitude, and sustainable ideas of the collaborating brands into a storied material, in a new time.

Short film

In the collections, the designers have developed individual expressions that make use of the denim garments’ unique qualities of function, artisanal solutions, workwear past, and rich subcultural history, put in a contemporary fashion context. The denim material invites sustainable thinking where clothes are made to be used and last longer, to wear easily, and create an emotional quality. The washing, bleaching, wearing, and tearing let the garments express stories about events and around people. Even the materials themselves, the cotton twill and the indigo dye, invite experimentation and creative craftsmanship, blurring the boundaries between street style and the couture atelier.

These collections also represent Beckman’s valuable meetings of the school’s soon-to-be designers and fashion’s revered talents and brands.

Collections campaign

Collections presented:
1) JOEL ANDERSSON – Deconstruction of Matrimony | Ida Sjöstedt
2) FILIPPA FUXE – Neofemme | Ida Sjöstedt
3) EMILY DUFF – Don’t Flatter Me (But Do) | Flattered
4) CHARLOTTE BACKRYD – Soon is Now | Lazoschmidl
5) EMILY GULLBO – Swedish melancholy at its driest | Stutterheim
6) ASTRID HANSSON | Stutterheim
7) ANNA LASTRO | Busnel
8) TIM MAKSIMOVIC | Flattered
9&14) KAROLINA PETTERSSON – For Whom the Bell Tolls | Rave Review
10) JOHANNA STANNOW | Rave Review
11) AMANDA SÖRMAN RASCKA – O.G (Original Guido) | Rave Review
12) JULIA WESTRÖM – Obsessed with Confirmation | Lazoschmidl
13) MOHAMMAD ALI YAGHOOBI – Tuyou | Busnel

Team Credits:
PRODUCTION: The Forumist Production
LIVE STREAM PRODUCTION in collaboration with Grandpa Electric and Doors
STYLING & LOGISTICS: Amanda Hörlin at MAUMAU Collective
Behind-the-scenes beauty photography by Cornelia Wahlberg.
GAFFER film: Olof Jonsson
HAIR: Sofia Geideby and Little Faktory
MAKE-UP: Johanna Larsson
MAKE-UP ASSISTANTS: Sandy Alfares and Adam Elias
TALENTS: Amelie/Mikas Amy G/Mikas Dustin/Nisch Ida C/Mikas Josefine G/Mikas
Göran Sundberg,
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Copper AB, Calik/Thomas Trading, Ljud & Bild Media