Let us start on a journey of optimism and depth with our latest story. As we bid farewell to the past, we eagerly embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Wishing you cherished readers and followers a Happy New Year filled with sparkling delights and memorable moments. Join us in creating a year ahead that’s rich with depth and love. Here’s to a fulfilling journey in the upcoming chapters of 2024!

Team Credits:
Photography by Alexander Courtman
Styling by Dirk Meycke
Grooming by Niklas Kemmler
Model Salif Dekamo at Tigers Mgmt

Fashion Credits:
1& 7) Leather Pants ZARA. Boots SAINT LAURENT VINTAGE. Sunshild ALEHOP. Jewellery Models own.
2) Jacket ADIDAS. Jeans DIESEL. Jewellery Models own.
3& 8) Turtleneck PACO RABANNE X H&M. Boots CALVIN KLEIN. Jewellery Models own.
4& 9) Jeans LEVIS. Stockings CALZEDONIA. Jacket Models own.
5,6& 11) Jacket BRIONI VINTAGE. Turtleneck PACO RABANNE X H&M. Briefs PRADA. Boots CALVIN KLEIN.
10) Jeans ACNE. Panties UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON. Jewellery & Vest Models own.
12) Briefs PRADA