Crossing gender borders and presenting the aesthetic of the male body while feeling free and self-expressing to illustrate beauty and perfection beyond any set norms or perceptions creates harmony and brings up the subject of freedom of thought.

Team Credits:
Photographer: Kaj Lehner
Creative Direction & Styling: Jana Fröhlich
Model: Richard Kodjo Commey at The Claw Models

Fashion Credits:
1&2) Jewelry by Nu Atelier. Skirt by Comechaover. Headpiece stylist own.
3&4) Dress by Sara Kickmeyer.
5,6&11) Dress by Minuit. Pants by A.O.A. Atelier.
7&12) Top, dress as a headpiece by Lutz Huelle. Underwear by Louis Gabriel Nouchi. Earrings by Lutz Huelle.
8&10) Skirt worn as a dress by Sara Kickmeyer.
9) Shirt and underwear by Louis Gabriel Nouchi. Headpiece made by stylist.