Cosmo Chaos

On a piece of the drifting planet, four characters confront us with the temporal elasticity of our strange era. A reflection on time that (no longer) passes, sublimated by Pierre Courtial’s magnificent latest creations for the Studio Pierre Cardin, and captured by the photographer Ella Hermë on 120 mm film, in the very heart of the workshops of rue Saint Honoré, in a papier- mâché setting where each star has been hand-painted one by one. »

Through the prism of the mise en abyme, this series brings to light the concept of End and Beginning which are one. The end of a great story that gives birth to another adventure. This series is the last tribute to Pierre Cardin.

Pierre Courtial thus offers us the very last collection that Mr. Pierre Cardin saw during his lifetime, in decor as a nod to his Space Age, which he created two years before Man walked on the Moon, and which today echoes the conquest of Mars, 50 years later.

Team Credits:
Artistic Direction- Pierre Courtial
Photography by Ella Hermë
Hair & Make-up by Marie Baillon
Models: Julia Lamarque, Emilie Payet, Hugo and Lucas Le Touset

Fashion Credits:
All clothing by Studio Pierre Cardin