Fashion can be a way to celebrate and embrace beauty and diversity. It has the power to connect people from different walks of life through self-expression and creativity. It brings a way to break down societal barriers and challenge stereotypes by showcasing different aesthetics, and perspectives. Let’s commit and let’s celebrate individuality.

Team credits:
Photography by Lara Ohl
Styling by Rachel Colles
Hair & Makeup by Isabel Simoneth
Model: Sarah Saxinger at A Management
Photo assistant: Hieronymus Ahrens
Special thanks to Studio Glas

Fashion credits:
1,5 & 8) Blazer by Gloria Wille, vintage tie, skirt, and cropped YSL blazer from Hahayoureugly.
2) Hat; stylists own, Fendi top and skirt from Hahayoureugly, socks by Gloria Wille, and shoes by Prada.
4) Top by Mugler, earrings by Perlensau, Max Mara skirt from Hahayoureugly, and shorts by Gloria Wille.
6) Neckless by Perlensau and jacket by Damur Fashion.
7) Alexander McQueen Blazer from Balkanciaga, corset by Naomi Tarazi, skirt by Prada from Balkanciaga, socks by Mimi Bork, shoes; photographers own, and bracelet is worn around the foot by Perlensau.
9) Corset; stylist own, shirt by Jean Paul Gaultier from Balkanciaga, pants by Gloria Wille, and shoes by Ganni.
10) Vintage top from Hahayoureugly, neckless by Perlensau.