The mystical and prevailing of all beings buzzing in your unconsciousness to pull you back into that unknown but familiar place. It reminds you of the essence of your first sweat and the comforting aroma of childhood combined with the unknown wisdom and strength that makes you stand tall. Embrace the magic and let it guide you to beauty and peace.

Team Credits:
Photography by NARÈNTE Lucio Aru + Franco Erre
Styling by Giorgia Melis
Cinemathography: Pierfrancesco carta + Simone sarais
Set designer & props research: Elisabetta Brice
Makeup and hair: Gianluca Casu @ mmgartistsdubai
Assistant: Veronica Turnu
Models: Lea marraccini, Ginevra Rosetti, Marta Alfonso, Tommaso Campus, Ornella D’agostino

Fashion Credits:
1 &8 Trench and earrings by PATOU
2 Kacket and pants by KRIZIA. Jewels by ANDREA CADONI JEWELS
3 &5 Shirt and skirt by CALCATERRA. Necklace by ANDREA CADONI JEWELS
4 A traditional Sardinian blanket. Design piece by TYCHEE VASE BY ANNALISA ZARELLI
8 Dress and shoes by PATOU. Tights by LA PERLA. Necklace by ANDREA CADONI JEWELS