Three artists challenge tradition and the limitations of the genre in their work. Combining the worlds of art and design, their work transitions from one physical being to another, and also the artists themselves pass from one state of mind to another.

How does our present inform our future? With his latest exhibition ‘Uncensored’ at Fotografiska now on in Stockholm, we speak to multidisciplinary artist AdeY about his journey from dance to photography, and beyond.

The Swedish artist Charlotte Gyllenhammar started as a painter but soon transitioned into a maker of photography, film and installations. The Forumist meets her to talk about her work, her growth as an artist and how she found her voice.

Animism, an ancient belief in the vitality of all, finds its place in the very heart of contemporary design. Chairs that embody the stories of the trees they were carved from, or garments that carry the whispers of the winds that touched the fabric – in a world bustling with mass production, animism invites us to infuse intention into creation.

Take the elevator and use the door to your right…
An evening in a hotel room is captured with a not so subtle mushroom presence. A throwback to a moment where perhaps someone or something was trying to tell us something. Maybe now there’s still hope.

Sonia Delaunay’s artistic and sartorial experimentation revolutionized the world of art and fashion, ushering in a new era of creativity. Her bold use of color and shape challenged the status quo and continues to inspire and influence artists and designers today.

The painter Anna Camner and sculptor Fabian Bergmark Näsman, who have both recently joined The Forumist’s roster of artists, share a common interest in process and form, resulting in highly finished works which could be as much the result of industrial means as an organic emerging from the subconscious.

In a time of revitalization, three artists – Victoria Verseau, Salad Hilowle and Theresa Traore Dahlberg – talk about what the future promises as they emerge from a time of reflection and seclusion

Climate change and the coronavirus pandemic have shown that humanity’s presence on this planet can be precarious. But, as a recent exhibition in Ålesund has shown, art is capable of revealing how we can better understand our role in the natural world