In the ethereal frames of painted canvases, amidst the delicate strokes of a brush and the interwoven threads of fabric, a profound dialogue emerges, transcending the realm of mere aesthetics. A carefully curated palette, restrained yet evocative, sets the stage for a symbiotic dance of hues and forms. Art becomes the soulful expression of the human experience, while fashion serves as its living canvas, amplifying and elevating its voice.

Team Credits:
Styling, Art & Creative Direction by Alena Oklar
Photography by Nobuko Baba
Hair by Hiroko Matsuo
Make-up by Chiharu Wakabayashi
Models: Matilda Rea and Kamila at MiLK Management

Fashion Credits:
1) Blazer by Acne Studios. Bodysuit by Maison Margiela.
2) Bodysuit by Sanna Patrick. Leggings by Ewelina Szymanska. Heels by Ancuta Sarca. Blazer by Acne Studios.
3) Catsuit by Ewelina Szymanska.
4) Coat by Sanna Patrick. Heels by Ancuta Sarca.
5) & 10) Catsuit by Ewelina Szymanska. Skirt by Sanna Patrick. Heels by Ancuta Sarca.
6) Leggings by Ewelina Szymanska. Heels by Alexander McQueen. Bodysuit by Maison Margiela.
7) Top by Comme des Garçons. Skirt by MM6 Maison Margiela. Shorts by Sanna Patrick.
8) Top by Sanna Patrick.
9) Top by Comme des Garçons. Coat by Sanna Patrick. Bodysuit by Maison Margiela.
11) Shirt by Kata Haratym. Bodysuit by Maison Margiela. Top used as skirt by Sanna Patrick.
12) Scarf by Oklaro. Dress and Bodysuit by MM6 Maison Margiela.