Buckets of Blood

Buckets of Blood is a terrifying tale of a sexy creature with a fetish for gore and guts. They strut into the frame, already dead and thirsty for blood. Be careful, you might be next!

Team Credits:
Photography by Savanna Ruedy
Styling by Sionán Murtagh
Model: Sebastian Rosemarie @ Unite Unite
SFX: Eva Roberts
Makeup by Meriam Penelope Sierra 
Hair by Bibb J. Dickey

Fashion Credits:
#1  Jacket by 2madison Avenue. Belt by Manmadeskins all other garments stylists own 
#2 Top & socks Soggygranola all other garments stylists own 
# 3 Coat and gloves by Soggygranola. Belts & harnesses by Manmadeskins all other garments stylists own