Blurred lines

Today, the line between formal and street is blurred. To truly express yourself through fashion is to be bold and try new things. Mix and match, and blur the lines even more.

Team credits:
Photography by Fredrik Wannerstedt
Styling by Gorjan Lauseger
Hair & grooming by Tony Lundstöm
Model: David Hermelin

Fashion credits:
1# Coat by Our Legacy, Over shirt by Uniqlo, Shirt by Adidas, Shorts by Hugo Boss, Socks by Falke, Shoes by Acne Studios
2 & 6# Shirt by Whyred, Necklace by Sofia Winberg
3# Blazer by Our Legacy, Shirt by Blankdays, Pants by Adnym
4 & 12# Shirt by Acne Studio, Short sleeve shirt by Hugo Boss
5# Coat by Our Legacy, Shirt by Hugo Boss, Pants by Acne Studios, Shoes by Our Legacy, Necklace by Byredo
7# Blazer by Acne Studios, Pants by Acne Studios, Shirt by Hugo Boss, Long sleve T-shirt by Peak Performance x Ben Gorham
8# Jacket by Self – Cinema, Pants by Adnym
9# Short sleeve shirt by Acne Studios, Long sleeve jumper by Peak Performance x Ben Gorham, Pants by Our Legacy
10# T-shirt by Self – Cinema, Knitted Vest by Our Legacy, Pants by Our Legacy, Shoes by Adidas
11# Blazer by Our Legacy, Shirt by Hope, T-shirt by Uniqlo