Baby Boom Berlin

I never contemplated motherhood. Its always been very clear to me that one day I will give birth to probably at least a bunch of babies. Where, when, with who has never been a concern of mine until now.



The other day, I was in the car with a friend. Next to us on the road, a girl on a bike sporting shorts along pretty intense cellulite. Might not be an unusual sight for most of us. Followed by an “Ewww” sound. The reason for it was obvious. My instant response wasn’t just astonishing for him, it was also a first for me to meet the tiny feminist bitch apparently squatting in some secret gaff inside of me.

I heard myself asking him if he knew why most women are target to those nasty underlining fat deposits? If it struck him that this condition wasn’t just common on chubby girls bums? My sermon didn’t seem to end here, I added how, what some lovingly call ”cottage cheese” comes handy when bearing your child.

This was the precise moment when I realised, that yes, I too might be scared and maybe even a little concerned of what will happen to me when I share my thankfully still quite firm bod with a little creature taking over the inside of me.



I worry that might be a thing.

Luckily (that would also include the baby) I didn’t become a teenage mum, actually I stuck it out until today, pushing 30. But a part of me thinks those teenage mums have an advancement. They had a baby whilst there bodies were young and intact, now in their 20s and 30s they are young hot mums. What some lovingly call ”cottage cheese” comes in handy when bearing you child. Their beefcakes have plenty of fresh and juicy supplies to feed from to recuperate. They can go back on the dance floors and retire at 40 from parenthood to do Ayahuasca at some South American hippy retreat.



So maybe they are ahead of the game.

Either way, its wise to embrace, reproduction will most certainly have tremendous impact to the expectant and their lives. I am very lucky to be able to witness that those changes aren’t as scary and abstract as one might imagine.

In Baby Boom Berlin I tell you the story about why I am not scared anymore.





Photography and words by Veronika Natter