It’s no surprise that a host of creative talents have chosen über-hip Berlin as their base. Read more about how fashion affects their flow. By Rebekka Aldén, Stockholm and Erika Svensson, Copenhagen

What up dawg? Man’s best friend is the hottest summer accessory. The fashions are looking pretty swell too. Woof! By Tetsu Kobota and Julian Ganio, New York

Veronika perfers telling her story through pictures. She has collected some that sums her childhood in Bavaria, Regensburg, the place where she grew up and now returns to after 15 years. By Veronika Natter, Berlin

Camourflage print is a matter of life and death. But to be honest, you will be seen no matter what because it’s a freaking hot pattern to wear. By Kiriakos Spirou, Athen