Animism, an ancient belief in the vitality of all, finds its place in the very heart of contemporary design. Chairs that embody the stories of the trees they were carved from, or garments that carry the whispers of the winds that touched the fabric – in a world bustling with mass production, animism invites us to infuse intention into creation.

Team Credits:
Photography by Sanna Lindberg / Agent Molly
Styling by Natalie Olenheim / Rockson

Fashion Credits:
1) Chair by Anton Sander / DE-NE2.
2) Dress by Christina Prieth. Top Vintage from Humana.
3) Caps made of plaster by Natalie Olenheim.
4) Black Form Wooden Sculpture by ELAKFORM.
5) Checkered Chair by Anton Sander.
6) Jackets by Paris RE Made.
7) Capes by Julia Elin Weström.
8) Magentle Lounge Table Wooden Sculpture by ELAKFORM.
9) Brutale Disco Wooden Sculpture by ELAKFORM.
10) Jackets by Paris RE Made.
11) Chair by Anton Sander / PA Chair.
12) Belt by Maison Margiela.