And Breathe…

Being mindful should be part of our every thought, movement and intention.
The belief that this is higher-level humanity is something we believe. That was something we started talking about with our friends over at NOA and got the idea to do a story around finding inner peace in our hectic modern society.

Those small moments. When we make a stop in between our goals to look and listen. When we discover our current destination. Those small moments that bring magic back into our lives. Taking a step back. When we realise it’s not a moment of failure, but a moment of collecting more energy to sharpen our focus for what’s coming. To make us able to feel the excitement.



We’ve reached that time in our lives when our job defines who we are, the smartphone knows us better than our best friends and the ticking clock is law.

So it might also be the moment when we most need to take that step back. To let go. To find peace walking barefoot in the grass and to notice the birdsong during an early morning in spring. To look back at what once was natural to us and discover who we really are and what we value.

So, how can we find mindfulness in our intense everyday life? We have to find our own ways. Only you know what makes you present. Nobody else does. For some it might be through singing or dancing, for others it might be deep meditation or yoga. Expand your aura so it becomes a divine shield, as taught in Kundalini yoga – a shield that will accompany you through your trials and tribulations and keep your focus intact. Connect your soul to the universal field by activating the power of the heart’s centre and walk through life positive, fearless and happy.

All the noise generated by stress will be on silent mode. What’s left is the wind blowing. Take a deep breath and embrace the power of nature. Just look and listen, and then find something as natural as yourself.

Through presence, meditation, nature. Through simplicity, purity, strength.Life is now, not later, and it’s not worth stressing about it. So why run through it, when you can walk the distance and make the journey last longer?




Photography by Jonathan Hallam

Styling by Sara Dunn

Words by Sophia Nilsson

Special thanks to NOA Relaxation

All clothes: Lana Siberie

Hair: Mark Daniel Bailey at The London Style Agency

Make-up: Celia Burton at CLM

Model: Margarita Pugovka at Elite

Casting: Simon Lewis at Cast & Elect