Team credits

Photography by Patrik Lindén
Styling by Sandra Ekenstam
Hair & Make up by Sherin Forsgren and Elva Ahlbin
Model Johanna Pettersson @ LeManagement

Fashion credits

#1 Hat by Casual Couture, coat by Raiine, vest by Emelie Janrell, dress by Maxjenny, earring by Langaeble
#2 Coat by Naim Josefi, belt by Zara, shirt by Raiine, shorts by Emelie Janrell, boots by Jennie-Ellen, aarrings & ring by Sara Robertsson
#3 Hat by Casual Couture, fake fur vest by Emelie Janrell, long shirt by Uniqlo, belt is vintage, trousers by Emilie Book, boots by Deichmann, earring by Sara Robertsson
#4 Shirt by F.A.S, trousers by Bitte Kai Rand, necklace by Lapponia, boots on hands by Deichmann
#5 Knit by Naim Josefi, blouse by Aéryne, skirt by K-ourage, trousers by Naim Josefi, flip-flops by Havaianas, earring by Langaeble
#6 Purple jacket and trousers by Emelie Janrell, leather shirt by Primeboots, trousers by Raiine, earring by Carlo Lan
#7 Hat by Casual Couture, coat by Raiine, vest by Emelie Janrell, dress by Maxjenny, boots by Jennie-Ellen, earring by Langaeble
#8 Green vest by Naim Josefi, trenchcoat by F.A.S, top by Aéryne, trousers by Uniqlo, shoes by Jennie-Ellen, earring by Sara Robertsson
#9 Jacket by Bitte Kai Rand, shoes by Jennie-Ellen and Deichmann earrings by Iameleni and Sara Robertsson ring by Iameleni
#10 Knitted scarf by K-ourage, jacket with furry arms by Ezratuba, blazer around waist by Dailyroutine, jacket around waist by Emilie Book Trousers by Emelie Janrell, earrings by Iameleni and Sara Robertsson, ring by Iameleni
#11 Black coat by Aéryne, top by Emilie Book, skirt by F.A.S, trousers by Studio Wms, ring by Iameleni, boots by Primeboot