WHO: Kenneth James Gibson AKA [a]pendics.shuffle

WHAT: Musician, Founder of Adjunct Audio record label

WHERE: Los Angeles

With 20 years and 200+ releases spanning multiple genres and aliases under his belt, techno label Adjunct Audio’s Kenneth James Gibson is the real fucking deal. Gustav Bagge from caught up with the busy musician and label owner to find out what’s he’s working on and score an exclusive mix of his favorite tracks from Adjunct. Think of it as a primer for anyone new to their releases and a Greatest Hits for those already up on it.





Hey, what have you been up to lately?

Hey! It’s been very busy lately. I have 2 albums coming out in the next few months, one as Reverse Commuter and one with my band Bell Gardens. Those two albums took a big chunk of time over the last couple years and I’ll be happy to see them get out into the world. There’s a new [a]pendics.shuffle collaboration with Bryan Black (of Motor) coming out very soon on Adjunct and a new dubLoner EP thats ready to roll as well as an ambient album in the works. I have also been doing a ton of music for TV and film too.

This last year I have really chosen to be more focused on studio work then playing out… but I think that will change soon with the all the new releases coming out. As always, Adjunct has also been a huge focus. Releases such as the “For Every Moment Of Triumph” series takes a lot of work, but its always fun, too. We couldn’t be more happy with all the music we’ve released in our almost 10 year existence.

I notice your work a lot with the artwork for Adjunct releases. Can you tell me a bit about the process on picking out designs and what artists you work with?

My wife Kelly has been doing all the art since 2010. She comes up with all the ideas based on the music. The intention with the Adjunct art is to not have a standard dance music label look.



We love the mix, can you tell me a bit about what’s in there?

It’s pretty simple, just some of my favorite tracks we have released over the last few years.

Adjunct Audio


In collaboration with and Gustav Bagge.

Words by Malina Bickford.

Interview by Gustav Bagge.