A vigorous attitude

Let technology surround you as it releases a vigorous attitude. Voluminous silhouettes, colorful patterns and a sharp haircut is the shapes of today.



Team Credits
Art Direction and Photography by Fred&Anthony
Styling by Teddy Czopp
Model: Sarah Boursin @Supreme Management Paris

Fashion Credits
#01/02 – Jacket & trousers by Marc Jacobs, bags by Balenciaga
#03/04 – Shirt by Maison Margiela, trousers by Balenciaga, bag by Balenciaga
#05/06 – Leather shirt by Miu Miu
#07/08 – Shirt & trousers by Prada, shoes by Céline, sunglasses by Gentle Monster, bags by Balenciaga
#09/10 – Silver top by Lutz Huelle, trousers by Anne Sofie Madsen, shoes by Céline, bags by Balenciaga
#11/12 – Long jacket by Miu Miu, shoes by Céline, bags by Balenciaga