A Daughter

Embark on a journey with a girl, seamlessly blending past and present, as she reminisces in the sanctuary of her childhood room. Explore the tapestry of fashion and memories, where colorful and playful styling enhances her natural beauty. Embrace nostalgia and acknowledge the timeless evolution of life.

Team Credits

Photography & production by Melodie Roux-Dufort
Styling by Alexandra Conti
Hair & Makeup by Mathilde Moncamp
Model: Laetitia at Makers

Fashion Credits

1 ) Dress by RUS. Bracelet by Marc Deloche. Earrings by Sarah Madeleine Bru. Shoes by Material
3) Top by Maison Rabi Kayrouz. Pantalon by Material. Shoes by Jonak
4) Ring by Marc Deloche
6 & 7) Top and skirt by Material. Bags by Aesther Ekme. Socks vintage. Shoes by Nomasei. Earrings by Jade Venturi
8 & 10) Top and Jeans by Material. Eaarings by Jade Venturi
9) Dress by Maison Rabi Kayrouz. Bracelet and Earrings by Jade Venturi. Shoes by Material
11) Top and Skirt by Victoria/Thomas. Bracelet and earrings by Jade Venturi