the 11th Hour

WHO: Jonathan Hallam & Anastasia Freygang

WHAT: Book

WHERE: London

The 11th Hour encompasses moving images, photographs, poetry and performance and acts as a platform for contemporaries who combine these fields in their artistic practice.



” Marking a point in time you manifest physically and mentally to follow, habit creates ethos.”

This is metaphors and enactments of surrender, its poetry, aformances, film no daydreams.They are insights of times in us, in times for unfoldment.

We are reaching certain hights. It feels like its the first series of a triology in print on paper.



While more is moving into standalones, backdrops for more stories, alignments in time and expression, all of these frames are posters. They are speaking pictures of embodiment and are surrounded by a double frame embedded in an urban surface.

At its root it still depicts the journey first captured in 2010 what became the 11th Hour publication, a collection of photographs and poetry revolving around the emotions of grief,
the hope for resurrection and paths towards it.
On our way, still collaborating, featuring growth
through our mediums for the 11th Hour to be a medium
manifesting each time.




Words and performance by Anastasia Freygang.

Photography by Jonathan Hallam.

For the book and posters.