Cleaning is a sport



Team  credits:
Photography by Patrik Lindén
Styling by Sandra Ekenstam
Hair & Make Up by Annie Ankervik and Jessah Amarante
Model Kimberly B @ Stockholmsgruppen

Poem “Suddenly” by Donato Lovallo

Fashion credits:
#1 Dress and shorts by Irma Skjöth, hair piece by Casual Couture, rings by Lily And Rose.
#2 Jacket by Bitte Kai Rand, suit by Whyred, bra and belt by River Island, pantyhose as turtleneck by Wolford, rings by Sara Robertsson and rings & earrings by Lily and Rose.
#3 and #6 Jacket and trousers by Arethé Stockholm, top by Whyred, bra by Calida, flip flops by Havaianas, earrings by Jane Kønig and River Island, rings by Lily And Rose.

#4 and #9 Skirt and leather piece on arm by Fo Phan, top by Emelie Janrell, gloves by Hannah Boström/Borås Textilhögskola, underwear by River Island, pantyhose by Wolford, belt is vintage, gum boots by Hunter, earrings by River Island.
#5 Dress by Alice Jardesten, long sleeve top by Fo Phan, slip ins by Inuikii, earrings by Jane Kønig.

#7 Jeans top by River Island, pantyhose as turtleneck by Wolford, trousers by Fo Phan, gloves by Stylist’s Studio, belt is Vintage, shoes by Zalando/Zign, earrings and rings by Lily And Rose.
#8 Rain coat by River Island, rings by Ebon Li and Sara Robertsson. 

Make Up credits:
Using: Maya Chia Beauty / Veil Cosmetics / Stila Cosmetics