Psych rock royalty Joakim Åhlund is the frontman and mastermind of Sweden’s sonical cosmonauts Les Big Byrd, back with a new album “Eternal Light Brigade”

At the end of the deepest dimensions of the universe, there is space, time, and mystery of the unknown, and the unreachable. The darkness and its enigmatical power are your directions to follow and join to succeed on this journey through your universe. Let the force be with you and don’t look back.

Catch the bright moments in your day and spread your light into your surrounding with that chic sensibility along with the minimal confident look that is just the perfect choice for you today.

This series of images aims to take a new look at the intimate relationship between the world of fashion and typography, considered two antinomic disciplines, in contradiction in their natures, origins, and formats – and yet which can form a whole.

Through his instrumental experiments and personal lyrics, Simili Gum draws the contours of a new form of French pop. We teamed up with a team of creatives in his hometown Paris to capture the spirit of his unique universe.

Since The Forumist magazine will be available in selected stores in Paris and the fashion week is approaching, We directed our radar on what makes this city the fashion capital of the world. This story is inspired by the Parisian street merchandiser and the way they bring color and inspiration into the daily urban style and one of many ingredients that make this city the most unique place in the world.